I-CORE Chromatin & RNA Gene Regulation

Regulation of gene expression is one of the core questions in biology - how does each cell controls which genes are expressed and to what extent. Indeed, regulatory mechanisms are crucial for proper functioning of the cell, for making critical developmental decisions and for adequetely responding to external or internal cues. Conversely, impairment of these control mechanisms is causative of many diseases, including most cancer types.
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Get ready for our 2nd i-core meeting on July 7th!

Thank you for the great meeting in Jerusalem on November 2014! 

News & Updates

July 2016

Our 2nd i-core meeting will take place on July 7th in Weizmann Institute. Keynote speaker: Gioacchino Natoli.... + read more

January 2015

Congratulations to the labs of Jacob Hanna and Gidi Rechavi for their new... + read more

November 2014

1st i-Core official meeting on November was a success! Thank you all for coming!  

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