News & Updates

July 2016

Our 2nd i-core meeting will take place on July 7th in Weizmann Institute. Keynote speaker: Gioacchino Natoli. Program

You are all invited!

January 2015

Congratulations to the labs of Jacob Hanna and Gidi Rechavi for their new Science paper "m6A mRNA methylation facilitates resolution of naïve pluripotency toward differentiation" 


November 2014

1st i-Core official meeting on November was a success! Thank you all for coming!  

Detailed program


August 2014

Congratulations to the labs of Ido Amit and Nir Friemdan for their new science paper "Immunogenetics. Chromatin state dynamics during blood formation." 

February 2014

RNA and Chromatin gene regulation i-Core 1st meeting was a success, thanks for all of the participants! Feb 2014. 

February 2014

Jaitin et al. (Ido Amit’s Lab) used massively parallel single-cell RNA-sequencing (MARS-Seq) analysis to explore cellular heterogeneity within the immune system by assembling an automated experimental platform that enables RNA profiling of cells sorted from tissues using flow cytometry. “Massively Parallel Single-Cell RNA-Seq for Marker-Free Decomposition of Tissues into Cell Types”, Science Feb 2014